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   we collect most enjoyable music files, Also most popular Persian traditional songs; To listen or download audio (wma, mp3, midi) and video (avi, wmv) files you need to have windows media player plug-in, real media audio player or otherwise Apple iTunes to have them on iPod & iPads.

Classical Songs (Radio Golha)
Classical Audios that  were recorded before 1960.
Iranian Traditional Music
Up to 100 wma, mp3, ram files of Persian traditional music to listen and download online.
MIDI files
Converted to the midi, these files were gathered from different regions of Iran (Persia)
Mazanderani Folk Music
Instrumental Song Tracks & Melodies in the Mazandarani (Caspian) by flutes.

not so far ago: Downloading Free Music Songs
Today: iTunes, Online Players, Viewing video files online, Still lack of availability
Coming soon: Your player anywhere (home, office, streets, travel resorts), anytime (24/7)
A comprehensive solution for your phone, laptop, desktop PC; Your online free storage
No need to have multiple playlists, Let your friends on facebook to get what you got
Exclusively to the Iranians throughout the world (Persian

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This Page is linking you to the top Both Traditional and Modern Persian Music Pages containing Files for Free Download, Song formats are MP3, MIDI, WMA, WAV, AVI, WMV
Please note that Since music files are hosted by their own creators, and bandwidth of their server is limit, It may be possible that your browser detects errors.
Please report them if you got any problems!
Im Duetsch kostenlos Persisch Musik

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