Sari City

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Sari /Säré/ is the capital of Mazandaran located in the north of Iran on north of the Alborz Mountains and southern coast of Caspian (Mazandaran) Sea. It's population is estimated at 262,627 However the fact is, the population of sari is very more than that estimate. It has a land area of 5089 square kilometers.
The word Sari is reminiscent of Sarouyeh, Son of Farkhan, the Great, King of Tabaristan.

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Spring in Shirgah,
Land of SevadKooh
Badeleh Hotel,
Near to Sorak
Probably Photo of Samand Imam Khomeyni Sq.

Excavations in Hutto cave give the evidence for existence of settlements around Sari as far back as more than 70th millennium BC. The Muslim Historian Hamdollah Mostowfi attributes the foundation of Sari to king Tahmoures Divband of the Pishdadi dynasty. Also native people of sari have a folklore that the city was populated at about 4th millennium BC when Smith Kaveh (native of this city) revolted against tyranny of Arab Zahak. After that success, Fereydun of Pishdadi who thought that he was indebted to Kaveh choose this city to live near him until his death. For this reason, when Iraj (Son of Fereydun) was murdered by Touraj & Salam, they buried him here, Most of the people consider that Espahbod Tous-e Nouzar (great grandson of Fereidun) systematicly founded it as a city.
Also recognition by Greek historians go back to at least 6th century BC (Achaemenid dynasty) when they recorded it as Zadrakarta which then destroyed by Alexander of Macedonia. However, he directed the construction of new city and they call it "Syrinx" after the name of his lieutenant general. The city was a regional capital again in Sassanid dynasty.

The Mazandaran Sea SevadKooh,
Near to Espahbod Khorshid Cave
Sevadkooh, Near to Gedook in Firuzkooh Historical Bridge near to Ghaemshaht (Shahi)

The economy of Sari is based on food productions such as Cokes, milled rice, Yogurt, Doogh (a yogurt drink), canned meat, oilseed and exporting fruits especially oranges, lemons, etc.
Some of the companies in Sari like the wood and paper company, and Pishraneh Electronics are famous in the Middle East region.
Sari has variable prices for buying properties. It allows anyone to have one home whenever most neighborhoods of city have quite expensive prices for purpose of buying properties, because of its healthy weather. The prices vary between $2200 USD per square meter (buying useless house in cheap areas, or suburb) to more than $11000 USD per square meter (buying a shop downtown)

Ghaemshahr Road, Now it is Freeway 62 Dasht e Naaz Sea Road,
Safar Abad
Taleghani Blvd.

A Journey to Sari By Air
Sari is served by Dasht-e Naz international airport located in the northeast of city, Currently it has four daily flights to / from Teheran (cost: $ 20 USD), weekly flights to Meshad, and Jeddah, Also season destinations to Isfahan, Kish Island and sometimes to other cities depending on requests. It is recommended to reserve for a ticket one week before flight.

A journey to Sari By Train
City is also connected to Gorgan and Tehran with Shomal Rail Ways as major branch of Iran's Rail Roads, Sari Train Station was the first station of Modern Iran Rail ways from pahlavi dynasty era, Currently there are three major passenger trains (Sari Exclusive Train, No.220 & 221 Trains) every day getting to Sari, if you would like coming to sari via Tehran train station, you may use gorgan destination train which rans in the evening time, only some major express trains have announcements in English that Sari & Gorgan train is included, the cost for ticket is ( $ 3.5 USD ) and it takes 7 hours (Tehran-Sari) and 7h 30m (Sari-Tehran) because all of this way is in mountains. There are more than 60 years that sari's exclusive train arrives about 4 PM.

Kesht Sanat Industry Highway 62 Asram Hills Near to Airport

City has balmy nature, most major places are listed below while there are more than these places available, some of them are disjunctive usable.

1) Farah Abad Coast, 2) Gohar Baran Coast, 3) Darya Kenar Coast, 4) Khezer Shahr Coast, 5) Dehkadeh Aramesh Tourist Village, 6) Tajan River Park, 7) Zare' Forest Park
8) Salardareh Forest Park, 9) Dasht-E-Naaz National Park, 10) Pol e Gardan hiking trail, 11) Nemashoun Lake, 12) Lak-Dasht Lake, 13) Soleyman (Solomon) Tangeh Lake, 14) Bam-e-Shahr Hill ( From this hill, You have great city panorama ), 15) Abbass Abad Garden, 16) Qor-Maraz ( Natural Spa, Neka )

View of NIOPDC Entrance to Sari
via Pasdaran Blvd.
Now a Highway is under construction here. The Sea Road, Firuzkendeh