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Tabriz is the largest city in north-western Iran with a population of 1.2 million people. Tabriz is situated north of the volcanic cone of Sahand south of the Eynali mountain. It is the capital of East Azarbaijan Province.

Historically, the founding of the city is shrouded in mystery. Most sources mention the Sassanid era, while others believe it to be even further back in history. After the Turkic invasion of Iran, Tabriz later became the capital of the Ilkhanate empire from about 1270 to 1305, of the Aq Quyunlu from about 1469 to about 1502, and of the Safavids from 1502-1548. It also fell under Ottoman rule for some time during the time of the Safavids.

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Entrance of Jomhuriye Eslami Bazaar Carpet Bazaar of Tabriz Tabriz Cathedral, Masdjed Jaame Mosque Entire of Masdjed Jaame Tabriz
Entrance of Tarbiyat Bazaar Bazaar of Carpet Masdjed Jaame Tabriz Masjed Jaame Tabriz

Violent earthquakes have wiped out most of the historic monuments of Tabriz. One important monument that has survived these earthquakes is the Tabriz Citadel (Ark-e Tabriz or Ark-e Ælishah), a ruin of vertical book-shaped elements. The Blue Mosque of Tabriz (Göy-Mæčid), is another important monument in the city.
Tabriz is where the constitutionalists of Iran was centered during the early 20th century. An American who died defending the Constitutional Revolution, Howard Baskerville, is buried in Tabriz. The famous Iranian historian and philosopher, Ahmad Kasravi, was born in a nearby village called Hokmavar. Samad Behrangi, a famous writer and musicians, along with Ali Salimi, Vahid Houseini, and Bigjeh-Khani were tar specialists from this city.
Daytime temperatures usually reach at least 30 degrees Celsius (high 80s Fahrenheit) in July and August and drop below freezing in January.

View of Shah Goli ( Eal Goli ) Kandojan or Kandovan Village Tabriz Maqberatolshoara, Poets Tabriz Train Station, Rail way
Shah Goli Kandovan Place Monument of the Poets
Tabriz Train Station

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