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Assaluyeh is a town in southern Iran, in Bushehr Province. Located on the shore of the Persian Gulf some 270 km SW of the provincial capital of Bushehr, it is best known as the site for the land based facilities of the huge PSEEZ (Pars Special Energy Economic Zone) project. The town itself is of minor significance, although it is common practice to refer to PSEEZ (established 1998) and Asaluyeh town collectively as Assalouyeh. Asalouyeh is located at: (27°30′N 52°36′E).


Asalouyeh processes gas from the South Pars Gas Field (approx. 100 km offshore), via multiple pipelines. More pipelines are being constructed as more phases come online. This gas field is in effect the same gas field processed on the other side of the gulf, in Qatar. The Iranian South Pars field is the northern extension of Qatar's North Field (as it is known), which in fact straddles the economic zones of Iran and Qatar. The Qatari's have been processing the gas since 1991, long before the PSEEZ came to be.

If viewed together, the South Pars/North Field is the largest gas field in the world. If viewed apart, Qatar's North Field is thought to be larger.

The share of Iran from this field is 450 trillion cubic feet of gas equal to 6.8 percent of the World’s Gas.